Airtel call charges to be revised?

January 13, 2009


Do you know that the Airtel call charges will be revised from end March 2009? Their TV advertisement clearly mentions this, and says Rs.2 tariff will be increased to Rs. 2.50 a minute after March 2009. [ read more]

Email address is needed for every Sri Lankan, and that’s all you need

January 12, 2009


Do you know that the government of Sri Lanka has made it mandatory for all Sri Lankans to register themselves at Here are some very simple observations by Minimum requirement for a successful registration is just 2 email addresses, one at “Contact Details” section and another at “Queries Section”. Yes, you can fill [...] [ read more]

Unemployment rate to go up

January 10, 2009


Do you know that the unemployment rate in United States rises to 7.2% which is the highest in 15 years? Following graph shows the unemployment rate for Sri Lanka for the last 6 years with an estimation value for year 2008. Actual figures for 2008 are yet to be published. With the current economic crisis, what [...] [ read more]

“Future” in trouble?

January 9, 2009


Do you know a leading mobile service provider in Sri Lanka has been hard hit by the economic crisis and internal politics? Due to this, some top level managers are already leaving the company. Unfortunately, the tough competition expected from a new entrant to the market will make their life more difficult. [ read more]

Who was first with “Hello Sri Lanka”

January 9, 2009


Do you know that it was Airtel was first to came up with the “Hello Sri Lanka” concept for the adverts, although Dialog was the first to release it? Airtel has done the advertisement with Sharuk Khan with “Hello Sri Lanka” , but as their launch was delayed several times, they could not release the advertisements. [...] [ read more]

Sirasa: Failed attack or a publicity stunt?

January 7, 2009


Do you know whether the recent attack on MTV/MBC networks is a failed attack or a publicity stunt? Here are some of the facts observed during the past 30 hours. People are having mixed feelings on this attack. While some have totally condemned the attack, some are with the opinion that Sirasa deserved this. All 3 TV [...] [ read more]

Airtel: Is it a reality this time?

January 5, 2009


Do you know that Airtel Sri Lanka has officially started their media campaign today? After several postponements, Airtel Sri Lanka has announced the date for launch of operations as 12th January 2009. Read more on Airtel will be the 5th mobile operator in Sri Lanka. With recent price reductions from most of the other mobile service [...] [ read more]

Is there an Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka?

January 4, 2009


What is your opinion on the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka? Participate in the poll. [ read more]

Get ready for lay off

January 2, 2009


Do you know how you should prepare yourself for lay off? More and more companies are in to lay off due to the current economic crisis. We wish you will not face such an unfortunate situation, but it is wise to be prepared. Here is a tip. For emergency funds, the recommendation is to save three to [...] [ read more]

Gem after Tea?

January 2, 2009


Do you know which industry will be the next victim of economic crisis after the tea industry? Due to the global and local economic crisis, the tea industry has been badly hit. Which could be the next? Could it be the Gem industry? Some reports say that the price of gems has done down in an [...] [ read more]