No more new government jobs?

Posted on April 7th, 2009 at 11:41 pm


Do you know that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has advised the government to cut down the recruitment in to the government jobs?

According to LBO news article, Sri Lanka’s unemployment ratio has been going down in the past few years. Unemployment rate in 2008 is 5.2%. However, this will definitely go up in 2009 with the current local and global economic crisis.

It is obvious that the inefficient government sector is already over staffed. Many believe that the Central Bank should have come up with this advise of cutting down the government recruitments long time ago. However, can the government cut down the recruitment with current elections and elections to come as like any other government, they too need to take care of their supports by providing luxury jobs in the government sector.

Also, one might ask, has the IMF asked the Central Bank to cut down government recruitments as a precondition in order to proceed with the